Printing Instructions

1. Use the latest version of Adobe Reader software for printing

Don’t use any other software (such as Google Chrome’s embedded PDF viewer or Free PDF Reader), because they do not support all the features of the PDF format.
My models are compatible with Adobe Reader 8.0 (or later) but I strongly recommend the latest version.
You can download Adobe Reader from the Adobe’s official web site using the following link:

2. Print in Actual size

Choose “Actual size” (or scale 100%) in Adobe Reader’s Print Dialog. Don’t use any other scaling options. My models and their parts have precise dimensions, scaling may lead to incorrect dimensions of the model and inconsistency between the parts.

3. Use either A4 or Letter paper size depending on a paper size you have and paper format your printer supports

My models will fit into both formats (A4 and Letter). Just remember to use “Actual size” scaling option for correct dimensions.

4. Use “Best Quality” option in your printer settings

If your printer settings allow you to define printing quality then choose the highest quality option (“Best Quality” for most printers). Printing with these settings will produce more detailed and more accurate picture with good looking colors. Don’t forget to choose “Colour Ptinting” instead of “Greyscale” or “Shades of grey” also.

5. Use good quality paper for best results

Printing on cheep regular office paper may worsen the overall looking of the model. If you have ability to spend some money on a good quality paper then do it, you’ll be amazed how much better your model will look when you print it on high quality paper.